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Looking for Tires for your Ford?

Why the right tires are important


You want your Ford to deliver superior performance, safety and handling. And tires are a big part of that. If you need new tires, talk to your Ford Tire Expert. They can help you choose the tires that are best for your vehicle based on how and where you drive.

You’ll also find the right tires at the right price because we price-match for 30-days. Find a lower advertised price and we’ll match it. No questions asked.




Ready to Personalize Your Ford?


Don’t put just any Accessories on your vehicle. It’s important that you only use Accessories that are designed to work with your vehicle. From custom wheels to DVD players, our Dealership is an expert at personalization and customization. Let us help you Accessorize!




Motorcraft Brakes

Insist on Motorcraft brakes.

When you’re carrying your most precious cargo, don’t depend on anything less. Motorcraft Brakes are Ford engineering-approved to ensure optimal performance from your Ford. Plus, our Technicians receive extensive training to ensure that your brake pads are installed right the first time to give you like-new brake performance.

Book a service appointment if:

– Your brakes grab at the slightest pressure
– Your vehicle pulls to the left or the right when braking
– You hear excessive squealing, grinding, chattering or groaning
– Your break pedal or steering wheel shake or vibrates when braking
– Your pedal feels different.


Diamond Kote- Electronic Rust Control Module


Protect your vehicle this winter!


The new Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection Unit (CPU) is a revolutionary wireless automotive corrosion protective device that uses the vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system to protect your investment. The CPU detects and protects all weak spots on every metal component of a vehicles metal body, outside and in, so nothing gets missed.
Everything is monitored so everything stays protected!

Diamond Kote- Nano Ceramic Paint Sealant


Advanced Micro-Science Paint Protection


NanoCeramic is our strongest coating to protect your paint from the toughest elements.
NanoCeramic chemically bonds to your vehicle’s surface which creates a Nano-glass with a 9H hardness factor which offers protection above and beyond a normal clear coat.